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Java EE clusters are more and more frequently deployed within Enterprise Information Systems, to cope with the growing requirements in term of scalability and availability. Besides, SOA solutions get widely deployed to host enterprise applications. In many cases the sudden expansion of such systems has led to very complex structures which, using conventional methods, can only be monitored and controlled with difficulty. These distributed architectures raise new administration issues, since they cannot be handled reasonably by hand to satisfy the required QoS:

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The OW2 JASMINe project aims to develop an administration tool dedicated to Java EE (Apache, JOnAS, EasyBeans, ...), MOM (JORAM, ...) or SOA distributed applications (Orchestra, Bonita, Petals, ...) in order to facilitate the job of the system administrator. It relies on advanced management features and on autonomous behaviour capabilities to reduce the management costs of such architectures.

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JASMINe is composed of several modules helping the operator in different administration tasks :


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