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VersionGraphical installerManual installerchangelog
1.3.4Java JARZIP file (based on ANT)jira
1.2.7Java JARZIP filejira
Older releasesJava JARsZIP files 




MBeanCmd is a tool for probing mbeans on any J2EE server. It can periodically probe mbeans on one or multiple servers and display results on the console, in a file or in a graph. Graphs can also be created using past probes.

2.1.4 (Java version 1.5.x and newer)Java JARjira
2.0.2 (Java version 1.5.x and newer)Java JAR 
1.1.0 (Java version 1.4.x and newer)Java JAR 
Older releases (2.1.x)Java JARs 
Older releases (2.0.x)Java JARs 

JaDOrT (JASMINe Deployment Orchestration Tool)

The JASMINe Deployment Orchestration Tool is a tool for orchestrating:

It gives the user a global view on the deployment operation's state, lets the user undo or redo any action, check for errors and persists all information for later analysis.

VersionMain applicationConsoleDocumentation and samplesSource codeChangelog
1.6.3Java EE EARJava JARZIP file, TGZ fileZIP file, TGZ fileJIRA
Older releasesJava EE EARsJava JARsZIP and TGZ filesZIP and TGZ filesJIRA

Archived versions

Archived versions of JASMINe and tools can be downloaded on the forge or via the OW2 JASMINe Maven repository.

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