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JASMINe Design is GUI that allows you to design and configure a middleware architecture.

Once your architecture is designed, you can deploy it with DeployME or Jade, tools from JASMINe Deploy

Supported middlewares

and soon ...

Screenshots / Demo


VersionLinuxWindowsupdate sitesrc
1.1.2x86 (zip)win32 x86 (zip)stop.gifstop.gif
1.2.1-M1x86 (tar.gz)win32 x86 (zip)http://jasmine.ow2.org/design/1.2/update-sitesvn access
1.2.1-M2stop.gifstop.gifhttp://jasmine.ow2.org/design/1.2/update-sitesvn access

You can also access a nigthly build of JASMINe Design through the nigthly update site


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