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JASMINe Deploy is composed of three tools : two dedicated to deployment of middlewares (DeployME and Jade) and one dedicated to migration and maintenance of hardware, VMs, middleware, OSGi bundles and/or Java EE applications (JaDOrT).

JaDOrT (JASMINe Deployment Orchestration Tool)

The JASMINe Deployment Orchestration Tool is a tool for orchestrating:

It gives the user a global view on the deployment operation's state, lets the user undo or redo any action, check for errors and persists all information for later analysis.

Supported infrastructure elements

Application servers:

OSGi gateways: Reverse proxies: Virtual Machines (via the JASMINe Virtual Machine Management (VMM) API):



VersionMain applicationConsoleDocumentation and samplesSource code
1.6.3Java EE EARJava JARZIP file, TGZ fileZIP file, TGZ file
Older releasesJava EE EARsJava JARsZIP and TGZ filesZIP and TGZ files


DeployME is a command-line tool which allows you to deploy middlewares described in an XML file. This file can be generated with JASMINe Design.


To use JASMINe Deploy ME, you must first create a topology file that describes your server infrastructure. You have two ways of doing this:

Once you have specified the topologyFile option, you can deploy: You can also set the -verbose option if you think JASMINe Deploy ME is too silent.

Supported Middleware

Deploy ME supports many versions of JOnAS:

Note: The topology.xml files remain the exact same between all JOnAS versions. Indeed, Deploy ME will automatically have the good configuration files generated for each version of JOnAS based on the topology file and warn you about any topology option that's not available on the target JOnAS server version.


VersionMain applicationSamplesSource code
1.2.1Java JARZIP file, TGZ fileSVN
Older releasesJava JARsZIP and TGZ filesSVN


JADE is a project resulting from research works at INRIA in the sardes laboratory.

Jade provides a framework to build middlewares management autonomic systems. It's based on the component model Fractal.

A JADE system is organized as a collection of components of four different kinds :


The deployment with Jade needs JadeBoot & JadeNode to be deployed. This can be done from JASMINe Design.




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